The EFA Team biographies

Mark Odegard

Mark Odegard began to work in oil and gas exploration in 1983 at Sohio Petroleum Company where he was supervisor of the Seismic Analysis Group. He joined Unocal in 1988 where he was supervisor of the Litho-Stratigraphic Workstation project, the Special Seismic Processing Group, and then developed the Exploration in Difficult Data Areas program. After leaving Unocal, Mark became Vice President and manger of GETECH, Inc. Where he worked on a large number of worldwide projects. This work has carried over to his own consulting company, Grizzly Geosciences, Inc. His current projects are aimed at the integrated interpretation of geological, geophysical and geochemical data for basin analysis, which he does in collaboration with other consultants. Mark has also held positions as Assistant Researcher and Professor at the University of Hawaii, Director of the Geology and Geophysics Research Program for the U.S. Navy, Associate Professor of Physics and Geology at New Mexico State University, and Principal Scientist at the Basalt Waste Isolation Project at Richland, Washington. He has over 150 scientific publications. Mark has a Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii in Geology and Geophysics, a M.S. from Oregon State University in Physics with an Option in Geophysics, and joint B.A.ís in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Montana.