The EFA Team biographies

Bill Dickson

William Dickson is the founder and VP-Technology for DIGs (Dickson International Geosciences) in Houston, Texas. His company has worked principally in the production of super-regional basin studies of Southeast Asia (SEATIGER) and the Atlantic margins (MARIMBA, CARUMBA) and related consultancies. He has worked around the world for over 25 years on international and frontier exploration projects, with major and independent exploration companies with significant involvement in commercial discoveries in Egypt and the North Sea. DIGs participated in the SEAPEX map for Southeast Asia (2007 & 2009 versions) so association with the Purdy EFA project is a natural continuation. He is a member of AAPG, EAGE, PESGB, SEAPEX, SEG, SPE and local societies in Houston and Calgary. He has authored and contributed to numerous papers on aspects of Atlantic and SE Asian geology. He continues to develop the use of multi-disciplinary E&P evaluations with contributions from a range of associated companies including Geochemical Solutions International and Grizzly Geosciences Inc. specializing in interpretation of potential fields, geochemistry, remote sensing and seismic. Visit for more.